Tallulah and the Big Clock

“He wrote in his own blood for Tallulah to tear down our big clock.” 

Noir is a city protected from hardship by the attentive gaze of its great keeper of time, a gigantic clock tower perched high in the mountains. Tallulah, a young girl born into opulence and safety, befriends a strange, wise man who warns her of the clock’s wicked past—and future. At odds with the traditions of her home, Tallulah follows a secret map on a perilous quest to unlock the mystery of the monolithic clock. 

What lives in the heart of the big clock? And if Tallulah opens its old door, will the wise man’s prophesy come to pass? 

In this fascinating fantasy adventure by author George Callahan, magical fortune and unexpected friendship battle the black claws of a monster which has darkened the heart of time. Venture with Tallulah into Noir’s past, present, and future. Fall into a fantasy world of danger and superstitions, sacrifice and heartbreak, hope and lore. 

The adventure begins in Noir.

Green and Purple Birds with Bright Orange Feet

A gentle island enchanted by a myth of the sea. A young boy drawn to adventure.

Will his father’s stories be his guide, or will the dark forest swallow his search for purpose?

When a boy meets two curious friends in a dream, purpose and adventure claw at his spirit. Embarking on a fantastical quest away from the safety of his familiar gold sand, he uncovers the truth behind his wise father’s lessons and the wicked path his brother followed. Deep in the forest, a great fire watches the boy’s quest, peering through the dense palms, eager to claim his life and the lives of those he meets. Its vile captives dance about, sneaking and hunting after their elusive prey.

Will his strange new friends and father’s stories save his life? Or will the boy’s investigation into the mythical sea man — the one who knows how to end suffering — follow his brother’s fate?

Green and Purple Birds With Bright Orange Feet is George Callahan’s mesmerizing and dreamlike debut novel. If you like stories of terrific adventure, deep purpose, and heart wrenching loss, you’ll fall in love with the characters and their trials in this profound exploration of addiction and sensation.

Buy Green and Purple Birds With Bright Orange Feet today to go along for the boy’s pursuit of the truth behind the mythical sea man.